Android Application


Android is a based on the Linux V2.6 Kernel with Java programming interface operating environment. Android uses Dalvik (special Java virtual machine) which is based on the Apache Harmony Java implementation. Android also support 2D and 3D graphic animation using openGL libraries for data storage it use SQLLite database.

Our expert technical and designer team can develop application ranging from enterprise apps to gaming apps. With incredible capability, domain expertise and design specialty dedicated for Android software development, we are amongst top android app development company.

Features of Android Development

  • Android is a unique platform that allows Android developers to build unique, creative applications for Android platform devices.
  • Android mobile phone OS is based on Linux kernel and its development platform is multitasking, which means any application can run on the Android Smartphone simultaneously without affecting the performance.
  • Android build device are fully customizable as the user requirement.
  • Android Mobile Application Development platform provide large variety of libraries and useful tools that can be used to build up most creative and sophisticated mobile apps.
  • Android platform pre-built of tools dramatically increases the productivity of android application developers and help them to build or design function rich android application faster.

Why Nooglesoft for Android app?

  • World class user interface designers for creating most engaging user interface for your Android OS product.
  • Guaranteed approval of application in android market place.
  • Our modern design driven development process to make your product pixel perfect.
  • Rigorous testing of application before delivery.

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